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Are you looking to make business in Europe?

We make it possible for businesses everywhere to grow their European presence quickly and accurately without worrying about navigating a complex landscape on their own. Open yourself up to amazing opportunities across multiple countries with many languages spoken and endless possibilities awaiting you.
Whether you're a company from outside of Europe looking to expand into this lucrative market, or a European business that wants to scale your business to more countries, we can assist you with our comprehensive suite of services.  
We simplify the complexities of conducting business in Europe, allowing you to access one of the largest markets in the world with ease and confidence. And we can help get you there as smooth and stress-free as possible!
Progressio is here to make a difference.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow.

A suite of services at your disposal

Sales & distribution 

​Selling your product in Europe can be complicated - it's like navigating a maze of options! You could go the direct route and rely on your own sales team or dive into distribution. Or, why not mix and match? Whatever decision you make, we're here to help simplify things for you!

Finding partners

Searching for a PR or marketing agency in the UK, Germany or Denmark? We've got you covered! With years of experience, we know exactly who to get connected with. Let us be your international matchmaker.


Managing prices in Europe can be a tricky affair. With multiple currencies, VAT levels and price erosion to take into account, it takes more than just an accurate calculator to know that your business stays competitive while optimizing revenue streams.

check all the other services.

“I haven't met many people like Peter in my career. Peter is not only an excellent business leader/manager, he is also someone with incredible charisma. It's hard to describe how Peter's work impressed me when I had the chance to work with him on the HTC / HTC Vive case between 2017 and 2020. From his strategic positions, to his bold and relevant choices, Peter is the very example of a business leader who has the flair, the ambition, the foresight, but also the benevolence towards his teams that allows him to move forward and contribute to the evolution and growth of the company he works for.
I cannot recommend Peter highly enough for business consulting assignments (at any level, but particularly for executive coaching and strategic choices)"
Guillaume Fau, Founder and President, The Messengers. (France)