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a snapshot of the services that we provide.

European Sales & distribution

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On the journey to optimizing sales & distribution success in Europe, there are several paths you can take. Whether it's leveraging your own team or finding a reliable distributor – or perhaps even using both approaches - we're here to help guide you every step of the way with expert insight and knowledge. 

Finding the right partner

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Have you been searching for a business partner abroad? Our extensive experience has connected us to quality professionals across European countries.
We will be glad to assist introducing you to potential partners that are perfectly tailored for your needs!

Want us to sell for you?

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Given our experience in this area, it all depends on what model suits you best. We can provide guidance for selling to multiple countries, or we could also handle the sales for you. The choice is yours! Ultimately, it's up to you decide which path is most beneficial.

How to manage pricing?

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Managing prices in Europe can be a tricky affair. With multiple currencies, VAT levels and price erosion to take into account, it takes more than just an accurate calculator to know that your business stays competitive while optimizing revenue streams.

Creating a marketing plan

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Building a marketing plan across multiple countries, several languages, cultural differences is no easy taskWhat works in the Nordics, may not work in Spain. We help you identify the initial steps forward - and can help identifying the right agencies to work with.

Get extensive press coverage

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Do you need a pan European PR plan - or regional? Can you use English in all countries? What media to use in each country? 

We can help you answer all these questions - and help you get in touch with experts in this field.

"Peter is a passionate technology business leader with a unique ability to draw together product development, sales and marketing teams to create strong customer propositions for emerging technology products. Relentlessly commercial, Peter brings an unrivalled understanding of the European multi-channel sales environment and is incredibly well connected to key business decision makers."
Ben Walsh, Managing Partner, Ayzenberg London.