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Mission accomplished

A few examples of the work that we have done.

HTC Magic

First Android phone in Europe

Back in early 2008, Peter was asked to lead the HTC Magic launch in Europe. HTC Magic was the first Android phone to launch European wide.

The launch was a 3-way project between Vodafone, Google and HTC. The phone was launched at Mobile World Congress, February 17, 2009 and sold exclusively by Vodafone across their European footprint.

Peter´s role was to lead all commercial aspects of this agreement for HTC. This included contractual agreements with Vodafone, oversee the overall development project plan and drive the GTM planning and execution – in close collaboration with the local Vodafone teams. (UK, Germany, Spain, Italy).

HTC in the Nordics

For nearly a decade, Peter had the privilege of establishing and leading HTC in the Nordic region. Peter had a fantastic and successful journey with a 65-person team based across four countries, selling over one million phones with 350M EUR revenue within its peak year.

Peter had to tackle many interesting challenges that gave him invaluable experience - a few examples:

  • Setting up and managing an efficient third-party logistics partnership achieving the lowest costs in the industry
  • Building a team from zero - across 4 countries.
  • Managing senior relationships with customers - also through tough times.
  • From zero brand awareness to winning multiple "phone of the year" awards.

That experience has left Peter more knowledgeable than ever, eager to share what he has learned!

HTC Store
HTC Vive
HTC Vive - European launch

It's not that often that you get the task to launch a tech product, based on a new groundbreaking technology, across Europe. Peter was that lucky.

Peter almost started from scratch. Hiring key salespeople in multiple countries, engaging with all the leading European retailers (i.e Dixons, FNAC, MediaMarkt – and leading online stores.). Peter & team initiated hundreds of instore demo sites – giving thousands of people a great experience. No easy logistic task.

Peter and the team worked with PR agencies all over Europe to get the best possible local coverage.

And – Peter did that with a product where the margin offered to partners was zero. That´s a bit unusual.

From China - to Europe

 A Chinese based company, had the aim to enter Europe's Virtual Reality (VR) market with their pioneering wireless adaptor for premium VR Headsets. With no prior experience in conducting business in Europe, they enlisted Peter´s assistance to devise and execute an all-encompassing GTM plan that would help meet this goal - from identifying pan European logistic partners & local resellers both online as well offline to managing PR activities across countries alongside creating marketing materials. Contractual aspects such as pricing plans and price protection terms also needed attention while developing sales-in material was part of the process too so the company could reach out successfully towards potential collaborators.

TP Cast

Defining strategy & the GTM plan

Peter was engaged to assist a European-based company in the virtual reality hardware industry with their product launch on an international stage. Peter initially identified potential distributors and negotiated contracts, before establishing effective product positioning, naming strategies and providing support for marketing initiatives. Expert guidance was also supplied through regular meetings within the leadership team over nine months.

"I worked for Peter at HTC and saw firsthand his ability to build a multi country profitable business from scratch. Peter has a winning mindset and with that he encourages and empower people to overachieve."
Nadia El Harradi, Head of Sales Western Europe, HTC Vive.