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Progressio helps companies do business in Europe.

That simple - learn more about how we do that.

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Peter Frolund is the founder of Progressio, a business with a singular mission: to support companies in achieving maximum success primarily within Europe's ever-evolving tech and telco sector. With 20 years' worth of experience under his belt, Peter launched Progressio back in January 2023.
A highly-dedicated executive with a wealth of international experience, Peter has demonstrated the capability to build and drive multi country organizations in Europe from scratch to 350M EUR annual revenue.
His commercial acumen is evidenced by overseeing and building the relationship to some of the leading European retail outlets such as Dixons, Media Markt, Fnac & Amazon.
Beyond that Peter´s proficiency extends into excellent communication skills which come alive when delivering presentations to customers or engaging in PR activities - both internally and externally--with clarity for all involved parties.
All things considered Peter´s professional reputation stands on getting results through being straight forward and honest.

See what people are saying

"For 20 years I have experienced Peter´s energy and passion for getting things done. His ability to think long term and out of the box, while being very operational and hands on clearly stands out. He is never shy of leading by example."
Florian Seiche, Global Tech Leader (ex CEO HMD Global and President EMEA at HTC).
"I know Peter as a person with a strong focus on building the right team – and with that team changing things for the better.  A person not afraid of leading by example. I have since year 2000 witnessed Peter´s passion, drive – and sense for getting the smaller issues done right – as well as constantly adjusting the longer- term objectives."
Søren Abildgaard
CEO T-Mobile Netherlands
“Having worked with Peter at HTC, I have found his leadership and approach to a collaborative, results focussed outcome among the best in the industry. He has profound tech industry knowledge and can quickly pick up new technology. He has often led discussions on how to make a long-term commercial success of new developing technology.”
Graham Wheeler
General Manager, Stannah
(former colleague at HTC)

How we work


Get a free one-hour introduction video call.
The aim is to understand the challenge(s) that needs to be fixed - and the ressources needed.


Get a high-level plan for timing, deliverables and cost.
Potential fine tuning of plan based on feedback to plan - and then set final scope.


Action time. We meet face to face to kick off the project.
We believe, best results are made by spending time together.
Further communication can be a mix of further physical meetings and online calls.


We aim to be as precise, hands on and concrete as possible.
No 100 slides with a fancy table and loads of graphs.
Expect a hands-on recommendation / implementation plan for what to do next.
"I had the privilege of working with Peter in two guises, as my Regional Leader at HTC and subsequently as a Partner whilst I was leading Android growth initiaitves at Google. In both instance Peter demonstrated an unrivalled enthusiasm in delving into the true needs of the customer. This spurred the creation of compelling customer value propositions resulting in significant market share growth at local and regional levels. An eternal optimist, Peter is always the first person I'd call to help grow my business. "
Daniel Webb
Daniel Webb, ISV Partnerships - Public Sector and Cyber Security at Microsoft